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I’ve moved!

Posted in 1 by Kristi Wright on July 26, 2009

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Style Xplosion: Austin Fashion Week

Posted in Fashion by Kristi Wright on July 17, 2009

Yesterday I spent all day with an amazing group of guys and gals getting ready to walk the catwalk in the Style Xplosion fashion show held at The Mohawk during Austin Fashion Week. I have to be honest with you…I didn’t know Austin even had a fashion week but guess what? We do now! It’s not NYC but it’s still fun in that laid back, we don’t take ourselves too seriously kinda way that Austin is famous for. The event was co-sponsored by Yelp and Anne Kelso Salon. Thanks to all the crew at Anne Kelso for making us all look crazy beautiful and thanks to Yelp for hosting another great party!

Can I just tell you it was hot? Like an oven. The peeps at AK worked their asses off to make us look good. I know we were all exhausted but I really have to wonder how they stayed on their feet all day. Big props to them!

The show was a mix of 40s glam, 60s mod, 70s glamour and rock-n-roll opera. Don’t ask me what that last one is all about 🙂 but they looked good. Since I was also in the show, unfortunately I couldn’t get photos of everyone in their fine duds or walking the runway. I hope you enjoy them anyway.

Let’s hope next year we aren’t having 105* heat or maybe there will be an indoor venue because there is nothing quite as nice as the cold AC on a hot Texas summer night.

To see all the photos, please visit the Style Xplosion set on my flickr page.

Quick Look II: Lauren + Alexander say “I do.”

Posted in Weddings by Kristi Wright on July 11, 2009

Lauren and Alexander have returned from their fabulous honeymoon in France. I can not wait to hear all about it! Welcome back to the Texas summer heat, guys. For those of you who don’t know Austin has been enjoying consecutive days (weeks even) of 100*+ heat. It is sweltering.  I’m still working away at their photos. I’m so close to being done. Went a little round two on the pics since I got Photoshop. I think it is doing a better job than Lightroom on the basic fixes. It’s a lot of work but in the end I am much happier with the photos and I think (fingers crossed) that Lauren and Alexander will be too. Looking through the photos brings smiles and tears to my eyes. It was hard for me to really take it all on the day of the wedding in since I was so focused on the photography. I’m so glad to have the opportunity to relive the day through their pictures.

Here is a glimpse at their first dance. Doesn’t she look so happy? Enjoy!

Thanks you guys for your patience. I promise it will be worth the wait. Love you guys!

Let’s be friends!

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Anika Kunik: Actor headshot session

Posted in headshots by Kristi Wright on June 28, 2009

Today was so much fun…I spent the morning shooting some new headshots for Anika. Boy was it hot. Seriously, can we just skip the 90* weather at 8 am? Anika is a local actress and an amazing writer who is getting ready to promote her new book, 42 and 1/2 Lovers: The Tragic Sex Chronicles of Amanda Buffington. Her son, Julian, came along to be my lighting assistant. He’s seriously the best one I’ve had to date. These were taken in natural light (no flash). I couldn’t be happier with how these came out. Woo hoo!

Thanks, Julian for all your help. Anika, you are such a pro…you made my job today so easy…once I got my lens on right…we were so good 🙂


Taken at the end of the session. Aren’t they gorgeous? What a great moment between mother and son.

To see more from today’s headshot session, please visit my flickr page.

Live music @ the Mean Eyed Cat

Posted in Music by Kristi Wright on June 18, 2009

Who says Austin isn’t the live music capitol of the world? Well, it’s not what it used to be but it is still alive and well, unplugged in this case. Mr. Cash would be proud.

Sneak peak at Steamroller’s first live acoustic set..

Full disclosure: My husband is the drummer! You rock, baby.

Bridal Canvas

Posted in Weddings by Kristi Wright on June 17, 2009

Bicycle Bride by touchbytouch

go out on a limb… by julesann
Ok, I’m not really sure what this is but I kinda love it.

Quick Look: Lauren + Alexander say “I Do!”

Posted in Weddings by Kristi Wright on June 12, 2009

Here is a quick preview of Lauren and Alexander’s wedding this past weekend. They leave tomorrow for their honeymoon in France. How romantic!! Have a fabulous time and check back for the rest upon your return home. Love you both!

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Sweet 16!

Posted in birthdays by Kristi Wright on June 2, 2009


Oh to be sixteen again…last weekend Alissa celebrated her sweet 16 at the Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood, Texas. Friends and family were there to usher in the good times. Oh and somebody got a new car! Happy, happy birthday, girl. I’m on the phone with TxDot as we speak ordering up those mattresses for the roads 🙂 ❤ u.


This is what boy-crazy looks like (left) while Mom tricks out the table with balloons! And a girl always needs a BFF!


more to come 🙂


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We love our friends! Thanks for coming out to celebrate Bee’s birthday. Getting older is a lot easier with good friends and beer. Don’t ya think? This was the first time I used the video capability on my D90. Please excuse the dizzy pans from the camera! This is viewable in HD once you hit PLAY above or see it large on youtube.